Boundary Surveying


Trimble S6 Robotic Total StationDennis Corporation was contracted by Fairfield County and the economic development board to map and plat the Walter Brown II Industrial Park along the Interstate 77 corridor. Dennis Corporation assisted the county with optimal building site determinations, wetland buffer zone compliance, utility easement mapping and DHEC storm water as-built data. Platting was approved by planning and recorded for real estate transfer.

All boundary surveys performed by Dennis Corporation are tied to the State Plane coordinate system and grid north. Dennis Corporation’s typical delivery time including research, survey, marketing and plat delivery is four to ten business days from the notice to proceed.


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 Hydrographic Surveying

lllDennis Corporation staff has personal experience acting as project manager for numerous hydrographic coastal surveys from Wilmington, NC to Jacksonville, FL and many inland specialty projects. Project highlights include the maintenance dredging for the State Ports Authority Georgetown Terminal. The project scope included performing conditional, pre and post dredge surveys for the shipping berths along the terminal docks on a bi-annual basis. The results of the completed survey were then used for quantities to determine the dredging fee.

An average time for the completion of hydrographic survey is one to two weeks from the notice to proceed. All hydrographic surveys are tied to the State Plane coordinate system and the vertical datum.


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 ALTA/ACSM Surveying


OOOThe majority of the ALTA surveys performed at Dennis Corporation are for commercial or industrial real estate transactions. Dennis Corporation staff does, however have experience with a public entity ALTA survey. The U.S. Postal Service required an ALTA/ACSM survey of the proposed Post Office facility in Murrells Inlet. Dennis Corporation staff performed the ALTA survey which included boundary, topographic and easement data.

Dennis Corporation works closely with lenders and attorneys during the ALTA/ACSM survey process to ensure that all required information is listed on the face of the plat. ALTA surveys are typically delivered within two to three weeks from the notice to proceed and the gathering of data from the attorney.

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